Do Protein Shakes Work?

At the ripe old age of 38, I can still remember when I first started going to Tommo’s Gym over 20 years ago in Plymouth. At the time I was looking to make my muscles bigger, and apart from training as hard as I could, one of the ways that was recommended by almost all of the other lads in the gym was the use of health supplements, and in particular the use of protein shakes, but do protein shakes work? Protein drinks were no doubt one of the biggest selling health supplements back then, and I believe that they are probably one of the biggest selling health supplements today. Not only have protein supplements stood the test of time, they are more advanced today than ever. You only have to look at the success of companies like MyProtein, to realise that protein drinks are here to stay but why?

What do protein shakes do?

Well without getting too technical, everybody needs protein in their diet, and especially people who exercise. Protein helps to repair broken down muscles and tissue which are caused by intense exercise. Without a supply of adequate protein, our bodies would struggle to recover after exercise. In short, protein shakes do work, because they are an easy and convenient way for athletes and people that exercise to consume the protein that the body needs on a daily basis.

When to take Protein Shakes.

Protein drinks are not only a great food supplement, but they are an actual food source, so I believe protein shakes should be treated like any other food you take. There are many options of when to take protein drinks, but here is a list of some goods ideas which will help you know when is the best time to take your protein shakes, and why:


    • Take protein shakes at breakfast – Many people struggle to eat protein at breakfast. The easy way would be to eat eggs, but many people don’t like to eat eggs early in the day, so opt for cereal and toast instead, which contain very little protein at all. I buy a chocolate flavoured protein powder which I mix in at breakfast time with my porridge oats, and soya milk. I then simply pop it into the microwave for a delicious chocolate tasting hot porridge.
    • Take protein shakes as an in between meal snack – Many people struggle to snack on healthy foods, and end up snacking on a packet of crisps, or a chocolate bar. By snacking on protein shakes, not only are you snacking on something that has low calories, but you are giving your body the nutrition that it needs to grow and repair.
    • Take protein shakes before bed as your supper – In the past, I have been guilty and sometimes still do of eating unhealthy food before going to bed. By taking your protein shakes as a supper snack, not only are you filling yourself up, but you are also giving your body plenty of good quality protein just before you go to bed to help you rest, recuperate, and repair those tired and worn out muscles, ready for another day.
    • Cook with protein powder – Although I only do this with my porridge in the mornings, cooking with protein powder is a great way of adding extra protein to your diet. You can try adding protein powder to your flapjack and muffin recipes, making them a great combination of slow release carbohydrates and protein.
  • Take your protein supplement as a meal replacement weight loss shake – Taking protein drinks can be a great way helping to lose fat and body weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. By having a protein shake instead of a meal, you are helping to keep your lean muscle mass intact whilst your body uses your carbohydrate and fat stores as a source of energy, keeping you lean and slim.


Summary – Do protein shakes work?

In summary, anyone who exercises at a level where their muscles are working hard will benefit from taking hemp protein. Not only do protein shakes have a low glycemic index (low g.i.), but they are good at keeping you full throughout the day, and helping you to receive the nutrition that your muscles need to stay strong and healthy.

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Paul Hatswell works as a personal trainer and has been helping people to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles through exercise and nutrition for over 3 years. Paul is a living example of how to feel young whilst approaching your forties.

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